Environment-Friendly HVAC Solutions in Wasatch Front

Barlow Service Experts is promoting energy efficiency in HVAC systems through environmentally friendly solutions.

Alternative Energy Solutions

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Home Zoning

A zoned HVAC system could help you save on energy costs. Schedule a no-cost consultation today to learn more.


A smart thermostat regulates heating and cooling according to your schedule, helping you save more on utilities. Learn more by getting in touch with Barlow Service Experts today.

  • Financing Options to Meet Your Needs

    New green HVAC installation can be an excellent investment, one that everyone deserves access to regardless of their budget.

    We offer EasyPay financing plans that help you manage costs through low monthly payments. With no down payment or annual fees, we make it easier than ever to secure the sustainable HVAC you deserve!

  • Our HVAC financing is quick, trustworthy and confidential. Prequalify today by submitting an online application.
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Frequently Asked Questions

There’s often a simpler solution to your comfort problem. Maybe you can find the answer you’re looking for in our FAQ below!
  • Green energy HVAC centers on lowering energy consumption and improving the efficiency of existing HVAC systems in homes not set up for renewable energy options. Precisely sized green installations reduce waste and increase output.

  • A few of the most energy-efficient HVAC systems now available are geothermal heat pumps and solar HVAC systems. Call 801-436-8985 today to have a conversation about system replacement if you’re interested.

  • High-efficiency HVAC systems use less energy than a typical HVAC system while providing the exact same (or better) output. This saves energy and money, and with regular tune-ups and maintenance, the life span of your system can increase. The longer a system is performing efficiently, the better impact we can have for sustainability.

  • You can find rebates and incentive programs for several new system installations in 2023. Barlow Service Experts will help you navigate discounts and payment for system replacements. We also offer payment options like financing along with HVAC lease options with our Advantage Program™.

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