Why Your Furnace Smells Strange

November 29, 2016

Most homeowners in the Wasatch Front region know to call Barlow Service Experts when their furnace starts making strange noises or leaking water, but did you know that weird smells are another cause to call an expert? Learn about these heating system stenches you should never neglect.

Rotten Eggs

The odor of rotten eggs is very pronounced, which is why many gas companies add this recognizable odor to their gas to alert homeowners and service techs that there is an issue. If you smell this smell coming from your heating equipment, shut off your gas appliances straightaway as you may have a gas leak. Open your doors and windows so any gas can vent outside, and call your heating system service expert as soon as possible and let them know you think you could have a gas leak.

Mold or Musty

Your heating and cooling system function together to keep you comfy throughout the year. Since air conditioning systems can cause condensation to collect, moisture can manifest in your air duct system and create mold, creating the musty or moldy stench. If you turn on your furnace or AC system and smell an odor like this, call Barlow Service Experts. We’ll come over ASAP to analyze your duct system and perform an indoor air quality analysis. We can then give you tips on how to eliminate the source of the stench and make sure your furnace and AC system is ready to keep you toasty and healthy all winter long.

Electrical or Burning

There are several things that could be occurring if you smell an electrical or burning smell, all of which should get your attention and should not be neglected. If you have this stench coming from your heating system, it’s possible something is overheating or may be an indication of wiring problems. Turn off your heating equipment immediately and call your furnace technician to provide a full diagnosis.

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