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Why Your Furnace Could be Blowing Cold Air

You hear your furnace turn on and you’re anticipating a comfortable blast of warm air, but instead all you have is cool air blowing. That’s no good in the freezing weather! 

There are a few reasons why your heating equipment could be giving off cold air. Stevenson Service Experts is here with a couple of them to help you locate the problem. 

  • Thermostat 

It might seem silly, but the thermostat is the first place you should check. It’s the starting place for any furnace technician, too. Verify the system is set to “auto as opposed to “on.” If the thermostat is set to “on” then your furnace will blow continuously, even when it isn’t heating the air being released, thus blowing cold air. Changing it to “auto” will make sure the furnace only blows when it’s actually heating the air to keep your home warm and comfy. 

  • Air Filter 

The majority of air filters need to be changed once a month to avoid them from growing dirty and clogged. If air filters aren’t replaced often enough, the soiled air filter may restrict airflow into your heating system. If this takes place, it can overheat your system, causing the equipment to stop heating as a safeguard. 

  • Duct Work 

If your duct work includes leaks, connection issues, or was not designed correctly, it could let warm air from the heating system to leak out. This would not only cause your heating equipment to blow cold air, it could significantly run up your utility bills since your heating equipment is heating non-living space, and will have to work harder to keep your home at the desired temperature. 

There are several other reasons that your heating equipment could give off cold air. Call Stevenson Service Experts today and we’ll send a professional to diagnose your issue and get your home warm and comfortable again in no time. If you have yet to turn on your furnace but don’t want to get left in the cold, give us a call about our fall promotion and learn how you can save money on a heating tune-up. 

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